Housing consultation

Home buying made easy

Buying a new home in Norway doesn’t have to be difficult. Our experts have the local knowledge and legal expertise you need to safely get the right property at the right price.
Buying a house in Norway

A short process

  • The house is put up for sale.
  • Open house one week later.
  • Bidding can start any time, but the seller cannot accept any bids before 12.00 a.m the day after the final open house.
  • The bid is binding and there is no right of withdrawal.
  • The contract is a confirmation of the information in the sales material and the conditions in the bid, so thoroughly check the sales material and conditions of the house before you bid.
Helping you choose

Removing all guesswork

  • We research all aspects of the property.
  • We check all sales material.
  • We investigate the property’s potential.
  • We provide an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the property.
  • We analyze the price of the property against local trends and the market, and advise you in the bidding round.

Tailored to your needs.

We’re happy to help whether you need assistance throughout the whole process, or you just need us for a single task.

House valuation

NOK 2.000 per object
We check the price of similar properties in the neighbourhood and provide an evaluation of possible bids and reasonable price limits, so you don’t overpay.

Check condition and standard

NOK 2.000 per object
We evaluate disclosure statements, the technical report, and other documentation to provide you with an overall assessment, so you can feel safe when bidding.

What our clients say

Marine and Kotaro
It was great to get help to understand the system of home buying in Norway. The whole process was a very pleasent one, without any pressure. Together we found a very nice house within our budget.
Amir Shezad
The help from the home buying consultant was critical specially during my absence from Oslo. I think it is remarkable that we achieved this objective without meeting face to face.
Sven and Martine
Thanks to the professional help f, we were safe from the beginning to the end. In the critical phase – this typical Norwegian bidding process –they gave us clear recommendations. Thank you.
It feels safe to have a local person who is competent to assist you in the whole process, not least in the thrilling bidding round. I would recommend other buyers to seek assistance from home buying
Volker and Nicholas
Having the home buying consultant on our side to help navigate a new and unfamiliar housing market was without question vital for understanding and managing the successful purchase of our first